06/22/2022 - 14:32

I’m laughing at yesterday’s internet point of failure but then I give it a minute and think most of human modern society is just as frail. That may not be laughter material. More some real doomer-anxiety-inducing shit.

The entire industrial world copied the Toyota model of fractioning business units and suppliers, their “just in time” perfect little logistical recipe, tend to stock as little as possible because business-gods-forbid stocking equals inefficiency equals profit loss. We traded so much of our own freedom and resilience for profit. And the worst of it all is we get almost none of it in our pockets anyway. Proof: I’ve been working for 10 years, save pennies, am still broke AF I don’t even own a home so the net gain from this shit is I can go hungry in a week if China decides to fart in the general direction of Japan one day, all so that some rich fuck can mine my brain everyday to get leather seats in his Cybertruck.