06/28/2022 - 08:33

Dear W., thank you for reaching out.

Your enterprise of reducing feedback delays between “clients” and “creatives” sounds very interesting and fresh. I totally vibed with your pitch: “when clients receive a PDF or a Figma file they can record their screen/audio and just speak out what they think” is totally a great idea. I agree that design critique from unqualified executives is 100% more valuable when captured live and unfiltered.

“It costs us time and money when there are delays” is something that I’ve had on my mind for a while too. In my experience, design shops suffer from spending way too much time on any given project and could really benefit from moving on to the next thing a little faster.

I am deeply honored that you thought of me to test the prototype of your software.

“I’m happy to cover your hourly rate, if it helps!” I would not really bother about this. My hourly rate is cheap and I’d rather give away the learnings of spending the last 10 years working in tech for free. We are one big family and whatever can help another bro to succeed is my treat.

Let me know how to proceed,